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We know there are a lot of people who would like to own an architect-designed house, but for varying reasons, would prefer not to take the usual path of engaging an architect to design it from scratch.


Drawing on our many years of experience designing modest houses for friends and family, we have developed a ‘kit of parts’ that enables us to create a range of solutions to meet specific needs.


This is a design kit, rather than a building kit, so the designs are not limited to a special construction method. The level of standardisation enables us to provide the essential construction drawings and specifications at an affordable and predictable price.


This also applies to the method of procurement – and why this is a design kit rather than a ‘kit house’. These houses are deliberately kept simple and conventional in construction, so that your average house builder and even owner-builders can take them on with confidence.


Although the underlying principle is to limit choices to some extent, we recognise that people are different (and that includes municipal planners) so a 'one size fits all' approach often doesn’t work. Most floorplans can be expressed in different ways to suit both the siting context and individual preference.


This line, dubbed ‘d:well’ (the colon is silent) is a work in progress, but we have some ‘standard plans’ and a real project underway (the Harkin House at Maldon).

We have also set fees for typical scenarios and we are ready to talk to you now about realising you architectural aspirations with a blight architects ‘d:well-ing’

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