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What's that about?


When we design a building for you, we work hard to ensure that the scheme meets all your basic needs (including some that may not have occurred to you) and as many of your desires as your budget affords. We prioritise your wish list, so that when compromise is necessary, the more important requirements prevail.

If the final scheme simply 'ticked the boxes', you would be getting a good result. Our aim is to go beyond that - to create a living and working environment better than you have experienced before – one that improves your quality of life.


everything you need    most of what you want    nothing like you expect


When we present our initial concepts, our clients often say something like 'the design is fantastic - it gives us all the things we asked for - but we would never have thought to do it this way'. Years after the project is completed, we still get feedback from our clients that they never tire of the wonderful experience the house provides and that visitors often comment on the lovely feel of the spaces and the quality of light…'s what we are about.

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